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Anchor of connection

„True forgiveness does not deny the suffering of the past but has a tremedous dignity and courage and power of love in it. That says we will, and can, start again.“

Jack Cornfield „A change of heart“

"Unacknowledged fear is, in fact, at the root of many of our lives.
Fear inhibits movement and keeps us literally uptight.
We live in fear of our emotions and develop all kinds of strategies and coping mechanisms to avoid experiencing them.
If we just began to know and express our fears, it would be a great start.
I've seen the healing power of the honest acknowledgment of fears in working with individuals and groups, and myself."

gabrielle roth

The way i connect to myself is the way i connect to others. The way i love myself is the way i am able to receive and give love to others. So simple, so true. The relationships that i build with others can only be as good as the relationship i have with myself. 

In this workshop we will use the 5Rhythms® heartbeat map to explore our relationship to fear. Fear defines our very anchor of connection. We all know all kinds of fears which hold us back from showing ourselves, our heart to the world. Anchoring is the most important skill i can and should acquire. Anchoring myself can be a lovely dance, or a painful display of my habits which disconnect me from myself, from others.

How does fear shape your experience of being, of receiving, of giving? What is your unique dance of fear? We will ask our hearts to tell our stories. Don't we all want to become an authority of our own heart? 

This is a heartbeat level workshop, a minimum of 12 wave hours is required as a prerequisite. All hours count towards 5Rhythms® Teacher Training.

Fri 18.30 - 21.30 (open to everybody!)
Sat 11.00 - 18.00
Sun 11.00 - 17.00

ul. Różana 4-6

PLN 450 (early bird till Feb 25, 2019)
PLN 530

Ewa epa@o2.pl

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